Dilmar Industrial Products


Dilmar Oil Company delivers a full line of industrial lubricants and Schroeder Filters to meet the unique demands of your plant.


• Hydraulic Oils
• Gear Oils
• Spindle Oils
• Turbine Oils
• Way Oils
• Bearing Oils
• Paper Machine Oils
• Transformer Oils
• Heat Transfer Oils
• Greases
• Compressor Oils
• Food Grade Oils
• Metal Working Fluids



Total Fluid Services

Dilmar’s Team of STLE Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) and Technical Advisors understand that improving equipment reliability is the key to meeting production goals, reducing downtime and lowering Total Cost of Operation. We offer a full suite of services designed to advance your equipment reliability and improve your operation:

Industrial Reliability Management - IRM

• Plant Assessment
• Lube Surveys Oil
• Analysis Programs
• Proper Lubrication Training
• Bulk Tank Audits
• Predictive Maintenance Programs
• Contamination Control
• Energy Audits
• Equipment Failure Analysis