IRM - Industrial Reliability Management

An exclusive service of Dilmar Oil Company which combines a team of STLE Certified Lubricant Specialists (CLS) and Technical Advisors focusing on all aspects of equipment reliability to help US manufacturers improve production output, reduce equipment downtime, and lower the total cost of operation. This program was designed to help manufacturing professionals overcome today’s challenges to remain competitive in the global economy. We ofer a full suite of services designed to advance your equipment reliability and improve your operation.



• Improved Equipment Reliability

• Reduced Equipment Downtime

• Improved Production Output

• Reduced Maintenance Costs



Premium Services

• Lube Surveys                                                • Contamination Control

• Bulk Tank Audits                                           • Lubrication Training

• Gear Inspections                                          • Equipment Failure Analysis

• Oil Analysis Program                                    • Maintenance Programs

• Energy Audits

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